The most frequently asked question we receive is, “Calusa vs. Cracker- what’s the difference between the nets?” Well, let us try to explain things.

First of all, both the Calusa and the Cracker ARE handmade, 6 panel cast nets. Both nets feature 1.5 pounds of lead weight per foot (e.g. 10’ net = 15lbs.). This means that both nets are designed to throw easily, open smoothly, lie flat and sink fast! – Making both, the best net on the market for the price!.

The differences are in the details, as the say.

First, the mesh of the Calusa nets is made from the highest quality copolymer monofilament. We make sure that the quality of both nets is high, and both feel soft, but under normal use, the Calusa cast net should last longer and stay softer longer than the Cracker.

1. The New Calusa cast net is now reinforced at the top and the bottom (1″-2″) with stronger monofilament. This makes the net stronger in these stress areas. No other cast net on the market provides this detail to quality. The Cracker cast net is not additionally reinforced at the top and bottom.


2. The New Calusa cast net is attached at every mesh on the lead line. This makes for a stronger cast net and less bait loss. The Cracker cast net is attached the traditional way – three to four times between leads.


3. The New Calusa net uses 120 lb. braille lines (monofilament lines through the net) in comparison to the Cracker cast net uses 100 lb. braille lines.


4. The New Calusa net has a 1 1/4″ horn opening; allowing the cast net to lay flatter with minimal bait loss. The Cracker cast net has a horn opening of 3/4″.