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What is the best cast net for a beginner?

The most popular size net is an 8′ radius cast net. This net will spread to 16 feet. It is easy to learn to throw and still catch lots of bait.

Once you master this size you may want to step to a larger net for a larger spread.

What is the best mesh size for me?

There are a lot of questions you must answer to choose the right mesh. What depth of water will I be throwing? How big are the baits I am targeting?

The bigger the mesh size the quicker it sinks but the baits need to be larger. You want to avoid “gilling” the bait in the net.

The most versatile mesh size is 3/8″.

How are the cast nets measured?

All of our nets are measured by radius. Example: An 8′ high (radius) will open to 16′ (diameter).

The mesh is always stated in square mesh. Example 3/8″ mesh (square) would be 3/4″ (stretch).

How much is shipping for a cast net?

$27.00 flat shipping charge for any cast net shipped in the continental United States (UPS Ground). We do not ship international.

Do I have to have a Paypal account to purchase?

No. You can use a credit card (visa,mc,discovery, or amex.) or your Paypal account. This provides the best security for our customers.

My credit card is not processing?

Please remember that the billing address must be the address where the credit card bill is mailed. Always check the credit card number and the exp. date.

What are the differences between a Calusa and a Cracker Cast Net?

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