Fishermen know what they are looking for. They know quality when they see it. We have designed our products knowing exactly what was needed, because we are fishermen ourselves. The Calusa Trading Company started several years ago as one fisherman’s attempt to find a cast net, when none were available. We all know the feeling — I wanted a cast net, but I did not want to wait a month or two, I wanted to fish now. Since no one had a net available; I did the next best thing — I got together with my buddy and had a net made to our specifications.

Since this was going to be our net, we decided to make it the best. We wanted a net that laid flat, threw easily and sank fast. What we developed was a net that lay flatter, sank faster and threw easier than any we had ever used. From this net a company was born, Calusa Trading Co.

Our nets are made from our own high-quality co-polymer monofilament; we don’t use the cheap stuff for our mesh. The mesh is hand cut into six panels and hand sewn — our nets are constructed entirely by hand. The handiwork is obvious from the moment you touch the net — the quality of the mono is soft and smooth in your palm, the net throws easily, opens smoothly, lies flat and sinks fast (our nets are heavy, 1½ lb. per foot). We like getting bait now almost as much as fishing (well, not really, but we like it a whole lot more than we used to).

Our cast nets are all tested in real conditions by real fishermen — us and our friends. We are from Fort Myers, Florida, and fish as much as we can. We don’t want to kill ourselves getting bait because of a lousy cast net. We don’t want to see our catch slip out from underneath the net. Our products meet all of our demands and then some. We are confident you will agree that our nets are better than any you have used.

When every throw counts — and every throw always counts — use a Calusa Trading Co cast net. Throw it — you’ll know it!